The Wise Bean

People sit at a hodgepodge of tables next to the store front soaking in the day’s news and sipping on an iced dirty chai. It is a warm summer evening and other patrons walk out of the shop smiling and giving you a familiar nod of hello. Walking inside the chandelier twinkles in the setting sun beaming in from the picture window. A crowd is … Continue reading The Wise Bean

Artfully Elegant

Metallics shimmer in the light beaming through the storefront window. The hung artwork glows underneath its spotlights. The jewel and gem masterpieces are nestled away in cases to be viewed, and the open space asks to be roamed like a museum. Elegance is about simplicity and grace. To be artfully elegant one is clever in the pursuit of this elegance. That is the case at Artfully Elegant – an art gallery … Continue reading Artfully Elegant

Hoover Mason Trestle

The old blast furnaces sit stagnant and aged as new life blooms in gardens on the trestle. Rust and decay hang like a peeling scab while the plants grow and thrive. The walkway was packed with excited residents to witness the view, while others were on a tour with a relative. As a past employee of Bethlehem Steel, the relative relays stories and points to a past still within … Continue reading Hoover Mason Trestle

The Art Establishment

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton They were frozen.  The limbs stayed locked and glances unwavering.  It was silent aside from the sound of graphite on paper and the hand wiping the remains of erased lines.  The time ticked and they were still as if no time had passed.  Her cape draped over the edge … Continue reading The Art Establishment

Levitt Pavilion – SteelStacks

The lawn was illuminated with the recessed lighting giving the venue a magical feel.  Star-spangled flags blew in the warm air. This particular night was heavy with heat as people toted chairs condensed down in drawstring bags.  The lawn was not the only seating – a great view of the show could be seen from Sands Deck.  That’s where we were heading after a quick stop for a beer – the … Continue reading Levitt Pavilion – SteelStacks

The Goosemen, Inc. – “The Goose”

Most days you have to wait in line.  It starts at the deli case, travels against the wall of coolers, and out the side door – but a line usually implies the food is worth the wait… You overhear weird code names – “The Wambulance”, “Shots”, “Bandsaw”.  Glancing at the menu, you don’t see these names.  Befuddled, you keep looking at the plates being served up wondering … Continue reading The Goosemen, Inc. – “The Goose”

Downtown Bethlehem Fine Art and Craft Show

The street was lined with white tents billowing with colorful paintings, metal jewelry, and fine pottery crafted at the wheel. Main Street is always closed for big events, so we chose the free parking lot at the bottom of the street.  There’s a short walk up to the show from here, over a footbridge and up the hill.  On the bridge stood a gentleman working on … Continue reading Downtown Bethlehem Fine Art and Craft Show

The Star of Bethlehem

The trail was so dark that shadows kept playing tricks with your eyes, but you could see the light in the distance.  It was shining brightly upon all the residents below.  Sitting on the mountain top, it never failed to light up the night sky. Finally, you reached the clearing… Every city has their iconic symbol; Bethlehem has its star – and there it was. Walking around Bethlehem, … Continue reading The Star of Bethlehem