Artfully Elegant

Metallics shimmer in the light beaming through the storefront window. The hung artwork glows underneath its spotlights. The jewel and gem masterpieces are nestled away in cases to be viewed, and the open space asks to be roamed like a museum. Elegance is about simplicity and grace. To be artfully elegant one is clever in the pursuit of this elegance. That is the case at Artfully Elegant – an art gallery … Continue reading Artfully Elegant

99.9 The Hawk Spring Cleaning Yard Sale

The breeze was chilly, but the sun was illuminating all the treasures.  A bowl of Star Wars figurines sat on the table.  Hands rummaged through them as if it were a candy bowl looking for their favorite flavor.  There were tables of old tools, aged with laborious hours, toys of yesteryear, handcrafted jewelry, and ceramic knickknacks spread across the parking lot waiting to be reclaimed and re-purposed. … Continue reading 99.9 The Hawk Spring Cleaning Yard Sale