Hoover Mason Trestle

The old blast furnaces sit stagnant and aged as new life blooms in gardens on the trestle. Rust and decay hang like a peeling scab while the plants grow and thrive. The walkway was packed with excited residents to witness the view, while others were on a tour with a relative. As a past employee of Bethlehem Steel, the relative relays stories and points to a past still within … Continue reading Hoover Mason Trestle

99.9 The Hawk Spring Cleaning Yard Sale

The breeze was chilly, but the sun was illuminating all the treasures.  A bowl of Star Wars figurines sat on the table.  Hands rummaged through them as if it were a candy bowl looking for their favorite flavor.  There were tables of old tools, aged with laborious hours, toys of yesteryear, handcrafted jewelry, and ceramic knickknacks spread across the parking lot waiting to be reclaimed and re-purposed. … Continue reading 99.9 The Hawk Spring Cleaning Yard Sale