Easton Heritage Day

Petticoats, stays, and stockings. Breeches, garters, and wool coats. It’s a hot summer day as the beer pours, birds chirp, and the water splashes in the fountain. Muskets lean against display tables, red coats drum in alleyways, and soldiers lay in the grass with their tricorne hats covering their eyes under makeshift tents. It is 1776 in Easton’s Centre Square. This is a collection of photographs … Continue reading Easton Heritage Day

A Morning In Historic Downtown Easton

A collection of photographs from the streets of Historic Downtown Easton LUNARIA GARDENS Named after Lunaria annua which is often referred to as the money-plant because its seedpods resemble coins, this Easton Farmer’s Market stand is one to check out and meet director Kristen Jas Vietty. Their website can be found here. Also check out her Luna Bus Facebook page – she is on a fascinating endeavor … Continue reading A Morning In Historic Downtown Easton

Hoover Mason Trestle

The old blast furnaces sit stagnant and aged as new life blooms in gardens on the trestle. Rust and decay hang like a peeling scab while the plants grow and thrive. The walkway was packed with excited residents to witness the view, while others were on a tour with a relative. As a past employee of Bethlehem Steel, the relative relays stories and points to a past still within … Continue reading Hoover Mason Trestle

Community Day – Burnside Plantation

As you walk down the gravel path lined with trees, there is a clearing of lush green fields and old barns.  It’s as if you found a beautiful treasure tucked away in its own seclusion.  On this day especially, it felt like traveling back in time.  Everyone was dressed in traditional garb and you could smell the sulfur-tainted smoke billowing from the blacksmith’s tent. Community … Continue reading Community Day – Burnside Plantation

The 15th Annual “Heart of the Valley” Antique Show

“How do you decipher the age of these materials?” It was then you saw how passionate she was. The twinkle the eye of someone when they share a bit of themselves.  She went on to impart a bit of history and craftsmanship from many moons ago. The “Heart of the Valley” Antique Show provided an afternoon full of intrigue.  First, was the location. This was my first time … Continue reading The 15th Annual “Heart of the Valley” Antique Show