The 15th Annual “Heart of the Valley” Antique Show

“How do you decipher the age of these materials?”

It was then you saw how passionate she was. The twinkle the eye of someone when they share a bit of themselves.  She went on to impart a bit of history and craftsmanship from many moons ago.


The “Heart of the Valley” Antique Show provided an afternoon full of intrigue.  First, was the location.


This was my first time in The Charles Brown Ice House.  It is a beautiful venue of exposed brick and aged wood walls, open, and airy.

Second, was the group of vendors.


Each vendor took the time to create their own ‘shop’ complete with reclaimed wood shelving, constructed white canvas walls, and lights to illuminate all the treasures for sale.  Not only were the shops aesthetically pleasing, but they were also welcoming.  If you had a question the vendor was happy to answer. Otherwise, you roamed with a freedom unlike some antique shows I have attended.


One vendor who particularly stood out was Beverly at Chestnut Hall Fine Antiques of Asbury, NJ.  I was browsing her hung collection of embroidered tablecloths thinking about how one would go about analyzing the dates of creation and origin.  I inquired with Beverly and she went on to enlighten me about stitching, designs, and the purpose of each.  She was very passionate and even took the time to open up this piece for me to take a photograph. Those  impeccable details are crazy!


Other notable trinkets for sale included: tapestries such as quilts, lanterns, quite a few collections of metal farm animal figurines, flags, historical prints, furniture, knickknacks, pottery, china, garments, sconces, shoe molds, tools, and much more!

It was a relaxing afternoon and I gained a deep appreciation for all the vendors who took the time to preserve these antiques, tell their story, and find them a new home.

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