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Welcome to Resident Tourist Bethlehem PA!

I’m Vanessa Palumbo. I’m here to explain a little about my little project here. It’s a blog dedicated to playing tourist in my town.

It’s my theory that in order to become a true ‘resident’ you have to play tourist. You need to learn and appreciate your surrounding to truly share them with others.

Originally from Scranton PA, I moved to Bethlehem about three years ago. I found the city to be booming with opportunity, creativity, and life while maintaining and preserving its history. I was obsessed. I became a Resident Tourist lugging my camera all over my new town, even during simple daily activities like walking my dogs. I just never knew when I would stumble upon inspiration.

I started this blog to share the little town of Bethlehem {and the surrounding areas} with everyone. My goal is reintroduce our city to locals, find out the stories behind the scenes to uncover more than meets the eye.

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