The Goosemen, Inc. – “The Goose”

Most days you have to wait in line.  It starts at the deli case, travels against the wall of coolers, and out the side door – but a line usually implies the food is worth the wait…

The Goose 1

You overhear weird code names – “The Wambulance”, “Shots”, “Bandsaw”.  Glancing at the menu, you don’t see these names.  Befuddled, you keep looking at the plates being served up wondering what these sandwiches are comprised of as the paper plate wraps around the towering sandwich to brace it from toppling over.

The Goose 11

“The Goose” (as the regulars call it) is not just a place with delicious sandwiches at a good price – but a fun and familiar environment that is created by both owner and main sandwich artist Tony Silvoy.  The shop is a family affair – his wife, Deb, also works at the shop along with other relatives. Tony is always the first to greet you at the deli slicer.  Often he refers to himself as, “just a humble sandwich maker” – but he is much more than that – he is The Goose.

The Goose 6

The Goose is a Lehigh University staple – hundreds of students travel through the famous side door ordering up sandwiches.

On this particular Sunday, it was alumni weekend – as well as being the day before graduation for Lehigh University students.  Many patrons were asking to commemorate their visit or academic career with a picture with Tony.  He gladly obliged.

Tony also makes a point to memorize as many names and faces as possible.  He will even let you name a sandwich you come up with.  You want their classic Santa Fe with a twist?  Order it as a plus-no-mus – meaning add blue cheese and no spicy mustard.

You can even tweet your order @thegoosemen.  When you tweet your order it automatically prints at the shop with an audio notification.  Tony keeps a collection of the print-offs clipped to the counter for customers to read.

The Goose 5

Recently, Domino’s made a formal announcement that as of May 20th they will accept tweets-to-order.  Tony laughs, gloating about how The Goose has been doing tweet-to-order for 3+ years already – showing how they really try to cater to the students: get a good meal fast.

There was also another advancement this day as well – flying sandwiches.  Students came in with a drone to make a famous Goose sandwich fly – drone delivery.  Upon the announcement, customers and Tony went outside to watch this momentous occasion – a Goose taking flight.

It is never a dull moment at The Goose – not when you have a friendly and inviting environment with massive sandwiches for lunch that leave you full way past dinner.

As Tony says, “Right there that is.

The Goose 10

 *** Additional perks: extra seating downstairs with pool tables, The Gander Room banquet facility upstairs, and indoor bike rack.


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