2016 Celtic Doggie Parade

They strutted their paws down the sidewalk. It was a sea of green and fur. The breeze ruffled the tulle of the tutu on the Pomeranian, tousled the golden locks of the retrievers, and could have blown away the little Chihuahua!

It was the 2016 Celtic Doggie Parade at Donegal Square. This year the event benefited The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. There were four categories to win: biggest dog, littlest dog, best owner/dog look alike, and lastly best leprechaun.

Here’s to some smiles – enjoy the pictures below! If you spot your fur baby, shoot me an email at residenttouristbethlehem@gmail.com and I can send you the full resolution copy!

 photo CelticPup4_zpsxemx3eah.jpg
 photo CelticPup6_zps3z8lhm0r.jpg photo CelticPup3_zpshzwyefmm.jpg
 photo CelticPup14_zpssbmx1egd.jpg
 photo CelticPup1_zpsvvswjksy.jpg
 photo CelticPup20_zpsag6g6ypm.jpg
 photo CelticPup2_zpsfacsbdhe.jpg
 photo CelticPup19_zpspytvfcio.jpg
 photo CelticPup16_zpsnwluaneb.jpg
 photo CelticPup7_zpsgccwopfz.jpg
 photo CelticPup8_zpsdiy4vv4x.jpg
 photo CelticPup10_zpsxlifcaqr.jpg
 photo CelticPup17_zpsnvwcrvjf.jpg
 photo CelticPup11_zps3lweerdo.jpg
 photo CelticPup13_zpsn4kojg0p.jpg photo CelticPup21_zpsefj7kaki.jpg
 photo CelticPup22_zpsadoiepsd.jpg
 photo CelticPup15_zps2n4guxkr.jpg
 photo CelticPup12_zpsgikmebg0.jpg photo CelticPup18_zpsbbgsiflr.jpg
 photo CelticPup23_zpsspqbpkro.jpg
 photo CelticPup24_zpsuz8to9mj.jpg
 photo CelticPup5_zps23ww0qp5.jpg photo CelticPup9_zpsytibjkxy.jpg

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