2016 Celtic Doggie Parade

They strutted their paws down the sidewalk. It was a sea of green and fur. The breeze ruffled the tulle of the tutu on the Pomeranian, tousled the golden locks of the retrievers, and could have blown away the little Chihuahua! It was the 2016 Celtic Doggie Parade at Donegal Square. This year the event benefited The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. There were four … Continue reading 2016 Celtic Doggie Parade

Donegal Square – St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

He had bought the kilt at Celtic Classic last summer.  The Welsh cookie man was very convincing, too convincing.  When he took it out of the closet that morning the tags still hung off the garment.  He tinkered with the leather straps, and kept spinning the kilt around his waist, “how do you wear this?” “Hairy legs” perfectly sums up this weekend on Main Street in … Continue reading Donegal Square – St. Patrick’s Day Weekend