Three Unique Easter Treats in Bethlehem

Whipped cream swirling into the warm cappuccino, a sugar wafer being nestled into a bed of chocolate over marshmallow, and the molded chocolate cameo delicately leaning on the dollop of icing. This Sunday is Easter, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I’ve found (and tasted) three unique sweet treats in Bethlehem to indulge in as spring blooms!

“Peeps”uccino at Billy’s Downtown Diner

Price: $4.99

 photo BillysDowntownDiner_zps7ym4n323.jpg

This is a Billy’s Downtown Diner original! It is composed of white chocolate, espresso, steamed milk, and whipped cream topped with a Peep – Bethlehem’s confectionery claim to fame! I treated myself to this last Saturday (with Tonga Toast) and I highly recommend it. Believe it or not, it is not too sweet! It has a nice balance with the cappuccino taste coming through wonderfully. The only issue is the floating Peep makes the last few sips an interesting challenge, and makes for a hilarious scene to onlookers!

 photo Peep2_zpsgy4sj1be.jpg

Psycho Bunny Peep at The Chocolate Lab

Price: $4.00

 photo TheChocolateLab_zpsacks23sg.jpg

This treat makes me giggle. A candy bunny with bloodshot eyes and a chainsaw is quite hilarious. I saw this sweet treat last Easter via Facebook and vowed I’d finally buy one this year! The marshmallow was incredibly fresh, the chocolate bottom decadent, and the sugar decorations gave it a nice crunch as you worked your way through.

Arlene Brockel, owner of The Chocolate Lab, came up with the idea. She said, “the idea just popped into my head one day and I went with it.” They have been making these Psycho Bunny Peeps for three years now.


There is also a full chocolate version available if you’re not a marshmallow fan.

Triple Chocolate Caramel Cookie Stix Cake at Vegan Treats

Price: $6.95

 photo VeganTreats_zpslbf8kw8e.jpg

I chose this cake from the wonderfully themed bunch in the case because it was so elegant and reminded me of an adult version of a chocolate bunny. Plus I’ve always adored cameos, so I couldn’t resist the bunny silhouette pendant!

Let me tell you, this puppy is rich if you couldn’t guess from the triple chocolate in the name. The Belgian chocolate the cake is encased in is just incredible! It really added a unique level of richness. The caramel cookie taste was a bit more muted overall due to the complex (and delicious) levels of chocolate. From the sponge, to the ganache, to the encasing, it took a team of three to eat this small cake!

giphy (1)

If you’re interested in trying this flavor, no need to fear – they rotate the flavors to keep it fun and fresh so you’ll see it again after Easter!

Know any other unique Easter or spring themed sweet treats in Bethlehem? Feel free to send me an email at, or comment below!

In the meantime, I will be recovering from a sugar coma. #worthit

 photo VeganTreats2_zpsmmg5mlyt.jpg

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