Crystal Cave Park

The rain poured buckets of water down the windshield. Although there were three buses and several cars in the lot, the place looked vacant.  The bolt to the gift shop left us drenched.  Dripping all the way to the register, we purchased our tickets.  Then – back out in the rain. The long sidewalk curved up the hill through towering trees.  We rounded the corner and saw the entrance … Continue reading Crystal Cave Park

Saucony Creek Brewing Co.

The first thing you notice upon entering are unicorns. A rubber mask hung from the coat rack.  A white unicorn stag head sat between two televisions over the bar.  Bottle holders of unicorns on their backs drinking on the bar top.  Bright colored inflatables sat on the cases for sale.  At Saucony Creek Brewing Co. unicorns are very thirsty. The GPS took us to a … Continue reading Saucony Creek Brewing Co.