SØLE Artisan Ales

You opened the heavy wooden door into the tiny cafe. It was a frigid Sunday morning and many patrons braved the cold to warm up over a steamy cup of coffee. The place was void of a lot of color similar to the current season – the walls white aside from the pop of a muted green barista station. Beauty in its simplicity. Glass cookie jars were … Continue reading SØLE Artisan Ales

Funk Brewing Company

You hear the train horn blow, the sound echoes through the brewery. Everyone looks up from their flights to see the railroad cars swoosh past. Moments later everyone returns to their flights, taking inventory of what they have left to try. You see couples sharing samples and delegating beers to one another. You also see the regulars squeezing up to the bar for a quick pint or growler fill. The … Continue reading Funk Brewing Company

Saucony Creek Brewing Co.

The first thing you notice upon entering are unicorns. A rubber mask hung from the coat rack.  A white unicorn stag head sat between two televisions over the bar.  Bottle holders of unicorns on their backs drinking on the bar top.  Bright colored inflatables sat on the cases for sale.  At Saucony Creek Brewing Co. unicorns are very thirsty. The GPS took us to a … Continue reading Saucony Creek Brewing Co.