THROWBACK THURSDAY: SouthSide Arts Festival

The clay ball hit the wheel with a loud thunk. The mound lay in the center of the silver disc,  lifeless. She sat down on the stool and pressed her foot to the pedal and the earthy mass began to move. The clean silver disc became a muddy sun as the water spewed away from the clay into the moat below. The most hypnotic aspect was watching how such little movement could shape the clay so drastically…

 photo Clay_zpspss7horx.gif

This was a clay wheel throwing demonstration by Deborah Slahta, a resident artist at The Banana Factory. This was just one of the many demonstrations and exhibits at the SouthSide Arts Festival which kicked off the warmer season celebration circuit in Bethlehem back in April. Formerly the Urban Street Art Festival, this event is held on the same day as the Spring on the SouthSide chili cook-off. It is a day our SouthSide gets to shine!

I entitled this post “THROWBACK THURSDAY” as this event was back in April. I was just so smitten with all my photos and love this event so much it was still worth sharing – timeline aside!

What I love most is it is SouthSide’s time to shine. We’re artsy, ambitious, and a bit unpolished and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Here is just a mere glimpse of a day packed with the arts! I’ve included links to businesses if you are interested in any of their products or services:

 photo SouthSideArts12_zpsabknpx1d.jpg photo SouthSideArts22_zps9seu55ly.jpg photo SouthSideArts8_zpsjwgyp4os.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts1_zps4fogptti.jpg
Yarn bombing by The Knitter’s Edge
 photo SouthSideArts2_zpsdokeuozw.jpg
Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations screen printing demonstration.

 photo SouthSideArts18_zps3zsukyke.jpg photo SouthSideArts17_zpssxmrtbub.jpg
 photo SouthSideArts16_zpsybd5nmph.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts20_zpsaj8hrznc.jpg
Clay wheel throwing demonstration by Deborah Slahta.

 photo SouthSideArts21_zps6mh9py8e.jpg
 photo SouthSideArts3_zpsfyb2urkl.jpg
 photo SouthSideArts7_zpsxoifth4m.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts5_zpstrommqca.jpg
Homebase Skateshop hosted a game of S.K.A.T.E. Tricks Tournament.

 photo SouthSideArts19_zpsh6e8lf8s.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts14_zpsgjy5yaot.jpg
Graffiti Art by DISTORT and Max Meano

 photo SouthSideArts15_zpswvg6fgdf.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts23_zpse4oud74y.jpg
Maltas Con Leche working on a piece.

 photo SouthSideArts9_zpsf77u5d4e.jpg
 photo SouthSideArts24_zpsudjthftb.jpg
 photo SouthSideArts10_zpslvhydpw7.jpg

 photo SouthSideArts13_zpsep1kaygf.jpg
Lehigh University’s Fud Truk serving up various grilled cheeses!
 photo SouthSideArts25_zpssx38dviy.jpg
The Classic Grilled Cheese (American and cheddar)
 photo SouthSideArts26_zpsbwarcn5r.jpg
The Classic Grilled Cheese posing with The Picnic (brisket & mac with caramelized onions).
 photo SouthSideArts11_zpsyoupg0lu.jpg
Godfrey Daniels presented a music stage along the South Bethlehem Greenway.

Art and music were around every corner during the festival – even further down on Third Street a band played from the balcony above Twenty Four East.

Hope you enjoyed this look back. Here’s to more festivals this summer – be sure to get out there!


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