The Inside Scoop

It was a time warp.  The black and white tiled floor sparked, vintage TVs played retro cartoons, a polished Coca-Cola machine sat by one of the doors as well as a jukebox ready to belt out a classic.  As you feasted on the nostalgia, you see the coolers of ice cream awaiting you in the distance and hop in line.  It was time to get The Inside Scoop.


Aside from the first word coming to mind as delicious, the second word to come to mind about The Inside Scoop Ice Cream Parlor is character.


First, how the parlor came into existence is heartwarming.  The Caciolo family had nowhere to take their kids after football or softball games in Coopersburg.  They wanted a place they could go to celebrate with ice cream in the summer or to warm up with coffee or hot chocolate at the end of the season.  A simple need to have a place to treat their family boosted their creation of The Inside Scoop.  More on the Inside Scoop’s development and their building’s history can be found here.  It is a great read!


Second, the shop’s atmosphere.  Most ice cream shops make you feel rushed.  The influx of customers on a hot summer evening can be overwhelming and you feel like you need to eat and make room for others.  The Inside Scoop was not like this.  In fact, they had a whole retro living room to accommodate large groups which was tucked away from the hustle and bustle.   In this living room there was a huge vintage television, a dining room table, couches, a fireplace, a claw machine, and lastly a shuffleboard complete with the ice cream shaped discs.  Outside they also have seating behind the building.  Several picnic tables sit out back along with a huge projection screen for movies in the summer.

Now on to the important stuff, the ice cream! Their ice cream is homemade and they have an array of unique flavors which can be found here.  Some of these flavors include: Maple Bacon, Oatmeal & Brown Sugar, Beer & Peanuts, and Tabasco.  The shop also boasts to have the best coffee in PA made with an espresso machine imported from Holland! If you’re hungry the shop now hosts space for the Smokin’ Bull Shack food truck for BBQ and other backyard cookout favorites! Their menu can be found here.


The Inside Scoop recently ranked 3rd (out of 15) in Lehigh Valley with Love‘s Facebook poll of the best ice cream shops in the Lehigh Valley.  You can see how your favorite ice cream shop ranked here.

No matter the rank, The Inside Scoop is a real treasure at the end of the rainbow!


One thought on “The Inside Scoop

  1. This is a real gem!! We love coming here and never realized that you are right in the fact that they never make you feel rushed and highly encourage tasting!! I love the oatmeal & brown sugar, S’mores and Mint Oreo! When they don’t have any of those, I have to taste…oh darn!

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